To offset the Amazon Effect you must get ahead of the expectations curve.

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Given this customer expectation gap, companies are faced with two choices. Be a leader or a laggard. Lead and try to stay in front of rising expectations or fall behind. It is no longer possible just to meet the expectations of your customer. Merely meeting expectations is a myth. No one just "meets expectations" anymore. You either exceed expectations, or you fall short.” 
– Forbes

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Every retail business owner in the world worries about Amazon. There’s a good reason for this. More than half of all customer searches begin on Amazon, and the way Amazon does business – providing a tailored experience that anticipates customer needs with personalized recommendations and rapid response times – has set the bar, defining the type of experience customers expect from every business.

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Customer expectations are rising and a gap is being created. Customers expect that the brands they deal with will know them. They expect personalized experiences that are tailored to their needs.” 
– Forbes

How Does Your Website Measure Up?

 •  Can your customers have a satisfying experience visiting your website from mobile?   
 •  Does your website have the necessary tools in place to strengthen your customer relationships?   
 •  Is your website structured to understand the first capture to the final conversion?   
 •  Does your website share intelligence about your customers and their browsing patterns?   

 – Forbes*

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50% of Gen Z shoppers already expect websites to anticipate their needs – and these young shoppers influence the way older shoppers, especially Millennials, research and buy from brands online. 

Website Upgrades for Small Business Today’s customers have made it clear: they want tailored, personalized experiences from the companies they do business with. Upgrade your website to provide the individual attention your customers demand. Special incentive pricing is available through (10/15/18). 

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