The Key to Google AdWords is a Little Therapy… 

Whether you’ve been doing PPC in-house or you’re outsourcing it, if you’re not seeing the results you expected it’s time for a change. And if you aren’t running Google Paid Ads at all, now is the best time to start! 

Ready to Turn Clicks into Business?

A click is no good to you unless your team can track it, capture customer info, and work the lead. We’re here to help you do just that. Book your complimentary consultation with our PPC specialists today!


Why Does Your Business Need a PPC Strategy? 

Searchers don’t discriminate between paid and unpaid results. They’re looking for the result that will help them meet their needs the fastest, whether that’s requesting a quote for a new roof or booking an appointment with a massage therapist, and since ads are at the top, they often win out. Don’t let potential customers settle for your competitors simply because they are listed at the top of the page.

Why Choose TTG for Your PPC?

Within three months of taking over a PPC campaign we double the CTRs and conversions without increasing your ad spend!

What’s more, our agency fees are completely transparent, with a flat set up fee and monthly maintenance fee. We don’t make more when you spend more! 


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Advance Your Advertising 

Could your digital advertising strategy use some TLC too?

While not included in our coaching package, our team manages PPC campaigns on Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, and more with phenomenal results. Many of our clients enjoy Click Through Rates that are triple or even quadruple the industry average! Let us take the stress of creating, monitoring, and adjusting PPC ads off your hands and watch your ROI grow!


Want to Kick Start Your Coaching?

Feel like you need a deeper analysis of your marketing efforts as a whole? Kick start your relationship with your Technology Therapy Analyst with a full Digital Audit & Marketing Strategy. For a flat fee of $3,500, we’ll provide a detailed audit of your presence across all digital marketing platforms, including social media, your website, and email marketing. Then will put together a robust year-long strategy, complete with a competitive analysis and comprehensive recommendations for both big picture strategy and day-to-day tactics on all relevant platforms.

Once the Audit and Strategy are complete, you can use your monthly meetings with your Analyst to keep your team on track!


Still not convinced?
 Consider these cold, hard facts:

  • Traffic from PPC Converts 50% More than Organic Traffic  
  • 36% of Google Searches are Based on Location  
  • 65% of Clicks on Buyer-Intent Keywords are from PPC  
  • Mobile Devices Account for 53% of Paid Clicks  
  • The Average ROI for PPC is 200%, Meaning Businesses Make $2 for Every $1 Spent  
  • 65% of Customers Click on Ads When Making Purchases  
  • Brand Awareness Increases 80% with PPC  
  • 72% of Marketers Plan to Increase their PPC Spend in 2018

With Our Tactics You'll:

Increase Your Click
Through Rate (CTR)

Lower Your Cost
Per Click (CPC)

Lower Your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

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